My friend drove up her driveway

My friend in New Zealand, Maria Bradshaw, drove up her driveway after work, opened her garage door, and found her 17-year old son and only child, Toran Henry, hanging from the rafters in the garage.   The drug company Mylan confirmed that their drug, Prozac, was the probable cause of his suicide.

Other stories of teenagers taking their own lives because of antidepressant medication started coming to Sundance Diagnostics from around the world.  The stories now number in the hundreds—one as heartbreaking as the next.

Side-effects were never mentioned to parents

We learned that some parents were told by their doctors that the “drugs were generally well tolerated” when they were asked about risks and side-effects, and, for other parents, side-effects were never mentioned.


Study:  Teens taking antidepressants are at double the risk for suicide and aggression

The British Medical Journal published an 18,000-patient study showing teens and young adults who took antidepressant drugs were at double the risk of suicide and aggression (February 2016).

Medical doctors and researchers estimate the incidence of antidepressant side-effects at between 30% and 60% of patients.

We are parents, aunts and uncles at Sundance Diagnostics.  If even one child is at risk from antidepressant drugs, that child could be one of ours or one of yours.  That risk is entirely unacceptable to us and to any parent.

This is not something we can leave to chance

With the assistance of world-class medical, genetic and scientific experts, we have developed for you and your doctor a special genetic metabolism and drug interaction test, new information on recognizing medication side effects in teenagers, and a non-drug treatment program for mild to moderate depression. With this program we hope to help significantly reduce, or eliminate entirely, this unacceptable risk to our teenagers.  The Sundance Diagnostics program applies to any special person in your life as well.