Your Lifeline Test    One-Time Cost and a Lifetime of the Best Medication and Safety for You and Your Loved Ones.



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Peace of Mind for You.

Peace of Mind for Your Doctor







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The Lifeline Test is a simple genetic test for you and your doctor to use to choose the medications that are best suited to you personally and avoid medications not well-suited to you.  There are some medications that present un-wanted side-effects and even serious risks.  Lifeline is designed to help insure that those are risks you and your loved ones will never have to take.



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The Lifeline test is for you if you don’t have time to try different medications but want to feel your best right now.







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If your pain medication is not working well for you or you are starting a new medication and you don’t like how you feel, the Lifeline Test is for you. 








If you have a son or daughter turning 18 and making his or her own medical decisions, or seniors in your family who are taking medications, the Lifeline Test is for them.






Your Lifeline test results are in your wallet and on your smart phone.  They are with you in the emergency room when you need pain medication, and whenever you are prescribed a new drug. 

shutterstock_57461920Lifeline is inexpensive and is reimbursed by most insurance companies.  We will help you file your claim. 


Lifeline tests your genes for over 150 medications and major medical conditions from depression to cancer to ED.   It tells you if certain heart medications are working for you, if you have an important folate deficiency and if you have genetic cardiovascular risks.


The Lifeline Test is taken at home, using only two cheek swabs.  We are happy to request the order from your doctor for your test.