Representing the Injured


For over a decade and a half, SSRI manufacturers have enjoyed enormous financial benefits from the flawed results of their defective analyses and their manipulations of the clinical trial data. They have been further shielded by their own failure to legitimately study and examine this serious risk. Instead, they have relied on studies that were not designed to detect a risk and conducted illegitimate analyses from them. Like an ostrich, they stuck their heads in the sand and pretended that no such risk could possibly exist, so why look? They have blamed patients, arguing that it’s “the disease, not the drug.” The FDA, likewise, has been derelict in its duties in protecting the public health on this issue. While it appears that the FDA has finally taken the issue more seriously, it is 20 years and thousands of lives too late. Through [our] representation of the more than 100 families who have lost loved ones to suicide or who have attempted suicide themselves while under the influence of an antidepressant, [we are] touched by a tremendous sense of duty to prevent this terrible tragedy from continuing to happen to others. [We are] motivated by our clients to seek out and expose the truth so their loved ones’ deaths will not be in vain.

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