Side Effects – What do you mean Side-Effects?

Through this online Webinar we arm parents and others with essential information in recognizing medication side-effects very early in treatment.

Suicides resulting from prescribed antidepressant drugs have occurred in as few as 5 days after beginning treatment.   In the event of an emerging side-effect, our laboratory will perform genetic testing for the doctor and family to identify the unique metabolism rate—or processing—of the drug the doctor is prescribing for the patient so that the doctor can adjust it quickly to attempt to reduce or eliminate the side-effect.

At the same time, the parent or family member can be assigned a TeleNavigator—a person experienced in working in the medical system on behalf of a patient to optimize resources, obtain medical studies and documentation for the patient, identify alternatives to medication treatment, and support the family in intensive observation and protection of their loved one experiencing the medication side-effect.

The TeleNavigator works in online computer meetings with the family. The TeleNavigator shares the Sundance-developed emerging side-effect checklist with the family and the patient on a daily or weekly basis so everyone is a party to the patient’s progress, and so that worsening or new medication side-effect symptoms are not missed and can be quickly reported to the physician.

The TeleNavigator is the support system missing in behavioral medicine today and, with a deep knowledge of the unique antidepressant medication side-effects, is expected to be invaluable to parents, families and their loved ones in encouraging progress and the earliest possible return to full health for the patient.