Translating DNA

Sundance Diagnostics employs the services of Translational Software, Inc. to analyze the patients complex molecular data and translate it into genetically-guided prescribing recommendations.

Translational Software provides its state-of-the-art services to more than 60 molecular diagnostic laboratories serving over 10,000 practitioners.  Translational’s cloud-based portal utilizes its proprietary knowledge base to provide reliable reports for referring clinicians and their patients with easy-to-understand recommendations and guidance on therapeutic options for medication management.

Translational’s prescribing guidelines are developed in conjunction with the Clinical Implementation Consortium, the Dutch Pharmacogenetics Working Group, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and others.*

Sundance Diagnostics employs the services of a respected CLIA and CAP certified contract laboratory located in Indiana. The technology platform utilized is ThermoFisher’s Quant Studio Open Array.  Our confidential, HIPAA-protected physician and patient reporting portal is powered by Ovation, Inc.